Sally Beresford Produce Products

A delish range of sauces, marinades, chutneys and infused oils are all available at Mount Ashby Estate Cellar Door. Used in the Mount Ashby Restaurant, these produce products by Sally Beresford are now available for you at home. Please contact us if you wish to bundle products with wine as a gift or create your own hamper.

Nuts Au Miel

A Mount Ashby favourite, Sally’s honeyed nuts are served with our cheese plate at the end of the meal. So by popular demand, they are now available for you to serve to your guests at home, or to eat straight from the jar with a spoon. Yumm..

ingredients: nuts, honey, dried fruit.


 Fig and Merlot Paste

Two of Sally’s favourites together in one. With plump figs slowly poached in a full bodied merlot with the addition of a little lemon to give a slight sharpness to the sweet figs. perfect served with a traditional French Brie, a mature cheddar or Parmesan. Try tossed through a salad of rocket, walnuts and goats cheese with Merlot Verjuice and Percheron Walnut Oil.

ingredients: figs, merlot, sugar, lemon.


Spiced Plum Sauce

A seasonal product made from the winter crop of plums and oranges with the addition of red wine and spices. Spiced Plum Sauce is the perfect accompaniment to either pork or duck. Also brilliant served beside vanilla or lime pannacotta or simply with ice-cream.

ingredients: plums, oranges, red wine, sugar, vinegar, spices.


Beetroot and Rosemary Chutney

Beetroot and rosemary grown in our farm garden are combined with other herbs and French balsamic vinegar to create a chutney vibrant in colour and rich in flavour. We serve it with terrine in our restaurant, but equally good with barbecued meats. Especially good with duck or pork sausages.

ingredients: beetroot, onion, apple, vinegar, orange juice, raw sugar, sultanas, dates, herbs.


Tomato Chilli Confit

Made from farm grown tomatoes picked at their peak. This Tomato Chilli Confit is a favourite to serve with barbecued beef sausages or chicken. We have served it in our restaurant with marinated BBQ Quail and also Tarragon Ricotta Terrine.

ingredients: tomato, sugar, lemon juice, vinegar, chilli, sea salt, fish sauce.


Apricot Chutney

Summer apricots have been sun ripened and dried, then cooked with the addition of mustard seeds, red wine vinegar and spices. This chutney has a hint of heat with good depth of flavour. In our restaurant this chutney is served with terrine but also as an addition to our ever popular charcuterie plate.

ingredients: apricots, onions, apples, dates currants, sultanas, mustard seeds, chilli.